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Inward Bound Mindfulness was established to teach people what mindfulness is, how to live mindfully and the enormous benefits to be gained from being mindful.
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Learn Mindfulness Today!

The biggest investment you can make in your life is in your own personal wellbeing.

There has never been more a need for people to become more mindful than in the present day. With the incredible amount of stress, anxiety, excessive worrying and rumination that is going on in our lives, we are finding it harder and harder to find happiness, joy and contentment in modern society.

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Beginners' Courses- Mindfulness for life

These hugely popular ‘Mindfulness For Life’ courses run once a week for 5/6 weeks. Class sizes are kept small to insure maximum learning .

You will learn the tools, skills, techniques and coping mechanisms to live a more mindful, balanced, authentic and positive life .

Schools Programmes

Healthy stress is a natural part of life, including childhood. Children and adults alike need to be challenged in order to grow and develop. However, in the modern education system, healthy stress is frequently displaced by toxic stress. Toxic stress occurs when life’s demands consistently outpace our ability to cope with those demands.

Corporate Programmes

Inward Bound Mindfulness provides wellbeing talks, mindfulness training, and mindfulness courses for the workplace. Contact us and see how we can provide a 30 minute, 1 hour, half a day, full day session, or a full mindfulness course for your workplace. With an increased focus on attracting and retaining high performing employees, businesses are seeing the benefits of implementing mindfulness training to help increase employee engagement . By introducing mindfulness into your workplace , it can have long-term benefits in increasing the health and happiness of your staff.


“Fergus is an excellent tutor and facilitator. Fergus brings in his background in life coaching, the army and writing on positive living. I would recommend this course to friends and patients.”

“I found the course to be of great benefit to me. It’s put life into perspective for me and I’ve come to the realisation that you can only live in the moment; you can’t breathe for the future and certainly not for the past. I think partaking in this course, especially at a young age, will have a hugely beneficial impact on my life.”

Secondary School Student

“I really enjoyed the Inward Bound Mindfulness course. Fergus created a peaceful, positive and calm place to meditate. I love his no ego, gentle approach to mindfulness. I’ve learnt a lot in the 8 weeks, it has given me new tools to navigate my busy life.”

Ready to Make a Change?

If you would like to start an inward journey to rediscover your inner peace, happiness and contentment, contact us today to discuss how Inward Bound Mindfulness can design a programme for you or your team, school or business.

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