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I’ve had an incredible journey to becoming a mindfulness teacher.

In my 22 years in the Irish Defence Forces, I learnt so much about people and teams. I got to travel to some amazing places and work in all types of conditions and environments.

I trained and worked in Australia as an outdoor instructor. For one year I lived the dream of living out in some of Australia’s most stunning wildernesses. I worked with so many beautiful people from all over the globe.

I trained as a life coach, this gave me a really good understanding of how I wanted to live my own life and that I was captain of my own ship.

I wrote the book ‘I am responsible for my own life: the day-to-day positive living model’.

I found mindfulness, or I sometimes think mindfulness found me. I then spent two years training to be a mindfulness teacher. Two years of learning, practicing, and cultivating my own mindfulness practice. I have also completed a two-year masters in ‘mindfulness-based wellbeing’ in UCC. I have trained with Oxford Mindfulness in the running of the 8-week mindfulness course from the book ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’.

I have recently completed teacher training in Mindfulness-based compassionate living, and foundation training in Nonviolent communication NVC.

The benefits of living a mindful life are huge. I became a mindfulness teacher to help other people find joy and happiness in their lives.

Fergus Barrett book 'I Am Responsible For My Own Life'

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