I found the course inspiring.
I learnt a lot about myself, especially how powerful my thoughts can be.
Through meditation I am calmer and I’m learning to manage stressful situations better.
I found the gratitude journal really thought provoking and it made me think about all the positives in my daily life.
The class size was just right and the home work helped me to cultivate my mindfulness practice.

Thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Fergus is a brilliant teacher. No waffle and to the point. Very good at answering questions. Loved all the statistics , found them so interesting. Loved the meditations and listening to other peoples views and would have loved more of it.


I really looked forward to my Tuesday night classes with Fergus. You learn so much about the simple things in life. The course was of great benefit to me and how I live my life. I have stopped trying to control things in my life and learned how to ‘let go’. It has taught me to put myself first, like the oxygen mask on a plane – if you don’t look after yourself first, then you can’t fully look after anybody else. I have learned not to get on that train  (train of thought). I have learned to exercise my brain everyday by being gratefu, mindful, aware and giving. Have a positive mental attitude.


Susan - Limerick

I would really recommend this course. It gives you a real start into mindfulness and meditation and how to be more aware of thoughts that don’t serve you. Fergie is sound and makes you feel you can ask questions without feeling foolish . His sense of humour keeps it moving along without getting too heavy.

Fergus’ mindfulness course gave me the tools and skillset to take charge of my life. It has truly changed my life and the way I deal with struggles, however has also helped me to appreciate the good stuff more. I suffer with anxiety, the breathing exercises and meditations have definitely helped my coping with this. Anxiety no longer take over my life. I have gained so much self respect, everything down to what I eat has changed. I have gained a genuine want to nourish myself and do what is good for me and my life. Everyone around me has noticed a difference and says I seem a lot happier in myself. I have also learned to have patience with my practice and to forgive myself and have compassion for myself and others when mistakes are made. I have dealt with toxic relationships, I could go on, this course has truly changed my life. Thank you Fergus I look forward to your next courses. 


Really enjoyed attending Fergus’ recent mindfulness course. Fergus is very knowledgeable on the subject and delivers the course very effectively . Clear instructions were given on the meditations and there was ample time for questions and answers. Personally , since starting the course, I am much more mindful going about my everyday duties. After meditation , I feel I can work in a more orderly and efficient fashion. I would recommend anyone toying with the idea of doing a mindfulness course to book in on one of Fergus’ courses . I would rate the course 10/10.


Excellent introduction to mindfulness. The course of 6 weeks allows you ample time to develop your own mindfulness practice.
I would recommend this course to a friend.

The course was really good. My decision making capacity has increased dramatically. I now think with more clarity and with better reasoning.

The course has made a huge impact in my life. From the first session, it all made sense. Practical and helpful teachings has helped me to cope better, and to live in the moment, not to dwell in the past or to worry about the future.


I found the 6 week Inward bound mindfulness course to be very beneficial. It is suitable for both professionals and someone looking for personal development. I learned new skills and techniques to help with the demands of a busy life, and it reinforced and enhanced what was already familiar to me. Fergus imparts and shares his knowledge in a relaxed, friendly and easy to understand way. I would highly recommend this course 


..I can’t recommend this inward bound mindfulness course highly enough. Fergus has created the perfect classes for optimum benefit for mind heart body and soul.  It is the most fulfilling gift you could give to yourself that teaches you how to cope in the ups and downs and struggles of every day life with priceless tools and techniques to enable you to slow things down and take a breath so you can enjoy your life and unfold all the gifts and blessings that you deserve.

Mary Jane

“This course changed my life. That is as simply as I can put it. The techniques, skills and knowledge I learnt will forever help me through everyday life. I was able to talk in front of a large group of people the other week, something I would usually avoid, because of the breathing techniques I had learnt and by having a positive mindset and giving loving kindness to everyone there and myself – I couldn’t believe how relaxed and comfortable I had made this uncomfortable situation become. I would recommend this course to everyone; Fergus was an amazing teacher and the people in the group were lovely.”   Julie

I found this course very beneficial . It has helped me to be a lot more relaxed, it has shown me how much I take for granted on a daily basis. It has thought me that it’s so important to live in the present moment and stop wishing my life away. It has given me coping tools to deal with stress and daily struggles. The mindfulness course has also shown me how powerful our minds are. It has also thought me how important it is to take half an hour out of each day to look after my own mental health.


This was a great introduction to mindfulness. It’s well paced and Fergus is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. The course proved to be a great help to me in improving my work life balance.

Found the course excellent. Really useful and I’m very impressed with everything I have learnt. I can put into daily use what I have learnt and this makes a huge difference in my life.


“I cannot recommend Fergus and Inward Bound Mindfulness highly enough. Our team benefitted greatly from the central message delivered – Don’t loose sight of the moment. The benefits for all will last long beyond the talks and hopefully make us all realise and enjoy the important things in life. Even with the restrictions of remote talking the message made its way to all. Fergus delivered with a calm, positive and personal approach. These talks will uplift all who attend. Mark Kenneally – Prochem”

Mark Kenneally

Prochem engineering

Fergus gave a talk for our own employees and a valued client of ours, on the subject of Mindfulness. This was an informal talk with a restricted audience that was filmed for use with a wider audience at a later date, all carried out within the restrictions imposed by Covid. From the start Fergus exuded knowledge and calm, he insisted on sitting and chatting with the audience in order to allow a relaxed atmosphere in the auditorium, he encouraged feedback and discussion throughout but spoke knowledgeably for over an hour with the audience who very much engaged throughout. Using his past experiences, both military and civilian, he provided examples of the benefits of mindfulness to everyday life, both at home but importantly in the workplace. Fergus stayed around afterward and spoke one on one to many of the audience members and gave hugely of his time before during and after the talk but more importantly for months after, if anybody had a question, Fergus was available on the phone. We would recommend Fergus for any similar event and look forward to working with him again soon.

Benny- Shanley Industrial Engineering


I would highly recommend this course. I was very anxious about going from the start. But from the moment you walk into the room, Fergus makes you feel welcome and at ease. Everything is explained clearly and at a pace that is not rushed. So Fergus has no problem going over anything again.  Before you start any meditations, you clearly understand why you are doing them, and why you are doing that particular meditation. The 6 weeks flew by. I never realised how much I actually needed the course until I was doing it. I will continue to practice mindfulness and meditation going forward.


At the moment my life is stressful due to illness in my family. I thought this mindfulness  course would help me in this regard. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time I have done this type of course. After the first couple of classes, everything began to make more sense. I found it a bit hard going until the third class , but after that, it all fell into place. Fergus is brilliant at explaining everything and makes everyone feel so relaxed. He lets everyone go at their own pace. If you don’t want to take part in the discussions, there is no pressure on you to do so, which makes people more comfortable. I find I am not as stressed now. I like the guided meditations that fergus does. I would highly recommend this course. 


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