6 Week Video Mindfulness Course With Teachable

What will you learn and develop on my course?

On this course you will learn the tools, skills, techniques and coping mechanisms to help you reduce stress and anxiety, have a more positive outlook in life, sleep better, learn to deal with negative thoughts, live with greater clarity and awareness, increasing resilience and emotional intelligence, reduce excessive worrying and rumination, practice gratitude, increase your happiness levels, live mindfully and much much more. Over the 6 weeks you will learn everything you need to start your own mindfulness and meditation practice.

The biggest investment you can make in your life is in your own personal wellbeing. There has never been more a need for people to become more mindful than in the present day. With the incredible amount of stress, anxiety, excessive worrying and rumination that is going on in our lives, we are finding it harder and harder to find happiness, joy and contentment in modern society. 

Week 1 Contents

  1. Welcome-thank you- full course outline and benefits
  2. A break-down of week 1
  3. Why do we need a mindfulness practice?
  4. Short meditation- the well meditation
  5. What is mindfulness
  6. How to meditate part 1
  7. How to meditate part 2
  8. A 5-minute meditation
  9. Introduction to the 9 mindfulness attitudes and talk about 2 of them, non-judging, and patience.
  10. Home practice
  11. Final few words
  12. Poem by John O’Donohue


Week 2 Contents

1.Welome and contents of week 2

2.Landing practice- meditation

3.Questions and answers

4.Clarity awareness and space

5.Stress -story of animals on the plains in Africa

6.3 types of stress

7.Daily thoughts process

8.The interplay between mind and body-Mary walking down the street story

9.How to deal with negative thoughts-train station and the E+R=O


11.Mindfulness attitude of acceptance

12.Description of the 3-minte breathing space meditation

13.Then the actual meditation- 3-minute breathing space

14.Mountain meditation


16.Home practice

17.Final few words


Week 3 Contents

  1. Welcome and the contents of week 2
  2. Landing practice-meditation-4-7-8 and a 10-minute practice
  3. Questions and answers
  4. The being and the doing mode
  5. The role of memory in mindfulness
  6. Mindful cup of coffee
  7. STOP techniques
  8. Lake meditation
  9. This week’s mindfulness attitude – the beginners mind
  10. Go outside for the walking meditation practice
  11. Show different ways of sitting on a cushion/standing
  12. Short story-fisherman’s story
  13. Final few words


Week 4 Contents

  1. Welcome and contents
  2. Land practice – 4-7-8 and the Thich Nhat Hahn practice
  3. Questions and answers
  4. Positive psychology
  5. Story of two wolfs/ story
  6. Loving kindness meditation brief
  7. Loving kindness meditation
  8. Mindfulness attitudes – generosity and gratitude
  9. Home practice
  10. Final few words
  11. 7-minute breathing space meditation


Week 5 Contents

  1. Welcome and contents
  2. Landing practice-4-7-8- 10-minute silent practice
  3. Questions and answers
  4. Neuroplasticity and the role of thoughts in mindfulness
  5. Introduction to the body scan
  6. Lying down for the body scan demo
  7. The body scan meditation
  8. The RAIN practice
  9. Mindfulness attitudes -letting go
  10. Story- the story of 5 chapters
  11. Home practice
  12. Final few words
  13. Poem – the guest house


Week 6 Contents

  1. Welcome and contents
  2. Landing practice- sitting on a chair
  3. Questions and answers
  4. The psychology of flow
  5. Character strengths
  6. Wheel of life
  7. Short story – beggars’ story
  8. Revision
  9. Expanded awareness meditation
  10. Mindfulness attitudes- trust and non-striving
  11. Short story-carpenters story
  12. Final few words
  13. Poem. By Fergus Barrett


Ready to Make a Change?

If you would like to start an inward journey to rediscover your inner peace, happiness and contentment, contact us today to discuss how Inward Bound Mindfulness can design a programme for your school.

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